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Insurance and Risk Mitigation

Protecting Your Assets

Insurance is a necessity to ensure that your hard-earned assets are protected in the case of unforeseen events. However, do you know what is important in a policy and what is nice to have? That is where Pecan Street Advisors can help you. We will review your insurance policies looking for potential gaps and benefits. After a review, we make recommendations for additions, if needed, or perhaps areas where it would be appropriate to self-insure.

Property and Casualty Insurance

The main question we will look to answer is, “Does your property and casualty policy protect you in the way that you think it does?” Deciphering the sometimes cryptic language of insurance policies can be difficult if you aren't in the insurance business. We will explain in laymen's terms exactly what your policy will and will not cover, and together we will decide if it is adequate for your needs. Going forward, as part of our annual financial planning review, we will use our industry knowledge to help you decide if it is worth the hassle to shop and facilitate the process.

Life Insurance

Having adequate life insurance is essential for the stability of a financial plan. There are several ways to analyze the amount of life insurance that is necessary to maintain the standard of living for the remaining family members. Together we will review options and make recommendations based on the impact to the plan that we develop.