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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

When you have worked hard all your life to build wealth and financial security, you want to be sure that your intentions will be carried out as you planned once you are no longer here. An estate plan seeks to do just that - it establishes guidelines and structures so that your wishes are met for the wealth you have created. At Pecan Street Advisors, we work with you to design a comprehensive strategy to manage your estate in the manner you envision. Some of the tasks we'll work with you on are:

  • Ensuring you have a will
  • Establishing trusts
  • Designating an executor
  • Creating a durable power of attorney
  • Naming beneficiaries for insurance and retirement accounts
  • Establishing charitable gifts to reduce tax liabilities
  • Setting up funeral arrangements

Your Trusted Advisors

Whether you will need estate tax planning or simply a codification of your desires, we can help you walk through the options and ideas. We can work with your current legal and tax professionals, or facilitate introductions. If you don't already have tax or legal advisors, our long-term relationships with other financial and legal professionals can help you navigate the many facets of the estate planning processes. We are here to partner with you and your team for all your financial and estate planning needs.